Replacing the battery of the Yaesu DVS-2


After a few years the lithium battery cell from the Yaesu DVS-2 will be exhausted.

To replace the battery in the future there is a more easy way,

than replacing it with the same type of battery as installed in the DVS-2.


Here is the instruction to do so, at your own risk of course.


Remove the one and only screw on the backside of the DVS-2.

Now be careful!

Open the DVS-2 with your hands and don't use tools,

to prevent any damage to the in- and outside of the DVS-2.

This may be called 'a nasty job'... Be patient, take your time and you will manage...


To open the DVS-2 IMHO was the toughest part of the job.


The DVS-2 consists of two PCB's,

just pull the upper PCB from the other one;

there is only one connector.


You can see the original battery and...

watch the polarity!


Remove the cableconnector.


De-solder the battery with a fine tool;

I used desoldering litze .075 from Chemtronics

and a Weller WSD80 on 400 degrees Centigrade.


The de-soldering job looks good.


Install a Litium CR2032 battery holder.

It fits perfectly, after bending the diode and the two capacitors on the left a bit aside

and after cutting two little plastic pins on the underside of the battery holder.

Be careful; watch the polarity!


Solder the two pins of the battery holder on the PCB.


Put the CR2032 Lithium Button Cell into the holder


Connect the cable connector,

put the two PCB's together,

close the DVS-2,

tighten the screw,

connect the DVS-2 to the rig,

give a reset on the DVS-2 and enjoy!


After a few years, when the battery is exhausted again,

you don't need to desolder and solder the battery,

but just replace it from the holder.


73, Hans PA0Q.